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Here at The Extra Credit Show, our program is two-fold:

The Extra Credit Show is a podcast and online talk show highlighting excellence in our education system. It’s the new classroom in America where only the best of the best educators and innovators are teaching the rest of us how to connect powerfully with the rising generation. As a compliment, Teachers Have Class is the crowdfunding foundational support our teachers need in the day-to-day classroom. These are the ones on whose shoulders our children will stand.

Download a free copy of our story from Jack Canfield’s new book SUCCESS MASTERY

-Author of

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Since 2017, The Extra Credit Show and Teachers Have Class have








for Educational Excellence


From Our Community

Reading ChamBria’s chapter in Success Mastery was a moment I will not soon forget. Having worked with her since 2002, I have had the incredible privilege of a front and center seat as she has touched thousands of lives with her work.

Kanani Voegeli

Albuquerque, New Mexico
What I read was excellent, but you know you’ve set a high bar for yourself. So many of us hold you in such high regard. I look forward to reading it. Best Wishes! I am encouraged to see your leadership advancing School Choice nationwide.

Rex Pope

Yuma, AZ

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